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The benefits of having a security presence at your business can not be underestimated. The right security solution can save you money, prevent crime and loss to your business as well as promote a sense of safety and confidence to your employees and customers.

The best security solution will be one that is tailored to you and that can take advantage of a range of options from manned guarding to the latest software and technologies.

Manned guarding

Manned Guarding

An option that works well for companies with high footfall, high-value stock or high profile individuals is a physical security presence. A security guard on duty can often be enough of a deterrent to prevent anyone planning to trespass, become aggressive or cause any other unwanted issues. In the event of a security incident, an onsite presence is much quicker than waiting for a response from an offsite team.

It is important that security personnel are highly trained and routinely tested, ensure you look for a supplier that holds an SIA license and a company that employs a rigorous recruitment process is beneficial to ensuring that the guards are vigilant and dedicated.


CCTV systems are one of the most cost effective, reliable and consistent security options for a business of any size. From a single camera to a full high-tech security network, whatever the size of your business, they are a fantastic deterrent, can cover the whole of your premises and can provide unbiased evidence in the event of an occurrence.

Live, 24 hour, seven days a week, 365 days a year remotely monitored CCTV is a great, cost effective bridge between standard CCTV systems and manned guarding. A team is keeping an eye on your site in real time and can inform the authorities and any relevant parties the instant there are any issues, minimising risk.

Concierge/Front of House Services

Did you know that you can combine security and reception services when you need a lighter touch for your security? A trained receptionist can greet your clients, sign in visitors, check security passes and more.

So to ensure a safe and secure environment for your employees, clients and visitors work with a company that can offer you a range of professional security services that can be tailored to suit you and your business.

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